LED Video Van Manufacturers in Delhi


Gone are the days of newspaper and hoarding promotions. With the world switching to digital media, people are going digital to target the audience for their advertising. New in the advertisement sector is the development of LED video van for attractive and catchy promotions of the product. These are the vans with the moving display of the product or the company used to reach the audience. As the Best LED video van manufacturer in Delhi, it caters to the demand of all the companies and products and satisfies them with their quality product.

What separates us from other competitors is the quality of our range of products and economical prices. The network of our company enables the client all over the city to enjoy the benefits of the product.


  • Due to the digital visual, it is more attractive and appealing to the public
  • LED vans are in constant motion and therefore, promote the product everywhere
  • The set-up does not require many people as compared to the traditional hoardings
  • The brightness of the visual enables the promotion in the day time as well
  • The reach is more as compared to other methods of advertisements
  • Low consumption of power ensures the long operational life of the screen
  • Less maintenance required

Why you should choose our product range?

We are the team of professionals with vast knowledge in the field and know the requirement of the product in marketing. Our manufacturing process involves the latest tools and technology for the best output. The whole process is monitored by senior professionals to ensure the quality of the screen. Our range of products will offer you various options and assistance of the experts to select the best one.

LED video vans have enabled all the big and small companies to reach the target audience and expand their market. To win over the competitors, it has become essential for companies to appeal to the audience. The visuals of the screen are so bright and attractive that you cannot ignore it. Pixel LED is considered as the best LED video van Manufacturers in Delhi, It offers a unique and new way to grab the attention of the masses without any verbal communication. All the screens manufactured by the company have received praise for their efficient performance and smooth functioning.