LED Video Wall Panel for Sale in Delhi

LED video walls are a series of monitors or multiple projectors displaying a single image on all screens or showing a series of images of the same area under watch. The video wall plays a vital role in traffic management, security management, and in the broadcasting station and news channels. The video wall takes a single input and splits it into many images on a screen installed. The LED video wall panel for sale in Delhi uses high power solid state light emitting diode (LED) for illumination.

The LED Video Wall panel for sale in Delhi comes in slim panels which are in tune with the state of the art video wall rooms designs of the clients. The LED Video walls for sale are available in ranges of resolutions from (1920 x 1200), to Full HD (1920 x1080 pixels), to UXGA (1600 x 1200) and SXGA+ (1400 x1050 pixels). The cube sizes range from 50", 52”, 60", 67", 70”, to 72” and 80".

The LED video wall cubes are generally stacked according to the need of the client and demand of the services. It can be installed up to 6 rows high and horizontal size depends on the particular need and design of the control room or studio. The client, as per the need, can buy; pedestal to mount to the base stand in heights from 800 mm to 1200mm.

As one of the reputed manufacturing and supplier of video wall panels in Delhi, we make sure that clients have both indoor video wall panels and outdoor video panels. The Best LED Video Wall panel for sale in Delhi comes in various mm sizes. The need of the client and its business requirements decide which LED video wall panel is installed in the studio or control room.

Special features of the indoor LED video wall panels-

  • Excellent picture quality
  • Use for high-level conferences, forums, TV stations, new channels events, hotel functions, broadcasts, auditorium conferences, meeting rooms, exhibitions, and in studios
  • Great image quality at low brightness
  • Used for live concerts, music shows, programs, cinema, retails shows, branding, weddings, and exhibition or for lunch of new products and services

The special features of the outdoor video wall panels –

  • Highly appreciated for outdoor events in commercial shopping centers, malls
  • Display of products and services in malls
  • Exhibition halls, hotels, theme parks, entertainment parks, sports stadiums, complexes, brand promotions and for corporate advertisements and services