Outdoor LED Display Manufacturers in Delhi

Outdoor display systems are used by the general advertising, digital signage, broadcast and public display of products and services at the mega shopping malls. We are one of the largest Outdoor LED Display Manufacturers in Delhi for individual and corporate clients. The LED display comes with dedicated shaders, tilted LEDs to get the best viewing experience with optimal brightness, contrast, and colors.

We ensure that the best available technology is used in manufacturing the display for clarity in all weather conditions. The outdoor conditions are rough, and we ensure that the finest quality components and lightweight, but rugged outer body give excellent images in broad daylight.

The usages of the outdoor LED display, generally, for public display, advertisement, display information and general guidelines to the public at airports and railways stations and bus stations, stadiums, shopping malls, retail, supermarkets, exhibitions, and for traffic guidelines and management.

Special features of the Outdoor LED Display:-

  1. Special waterproof features which help them to withstand humidity, drizzling, etc.
  2. LED components for brightness, color, contrast for optimum experience in daylight,
  3. Ability to show bright and vibrant images even under direct sunlight,
  4. All weather optimum operational performance, and
  5. Low maintenance

Our manufacturing plant is equipped with the latest technology and know-how to create the best products at affordable prices. The manufacturing technology is upgraded periodically to remain at the forefront of the manufacturing high technology products in the country. The manufacturing is constantly evaluated to ensure that it adheres to the strict quality parameters mentioned in the company policy.

Our manufacturing capacity and prowess allows us to customize the products for clients on specifications particular to their need and requirement. The customization ensures that the client gets the products in size screen, resolution, and design that match their broadcast requirement. Both customized and standard products are delivered to clients. Our clientele base includes event management companies, retail companies, shopping complexes, multiplexes, sports bodies, and consumer companies and individual retailers.

We shipped product, LED display system, in module format, which gives flexibility to the user to create screen size of any measure as per their need and requirement. We also provide options for front and rear services access, which depends on the installation on the site of the client. The technical team assists the client in the installation and operations of the LED display screen for a better experience to passersby.